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Why should I use Open Sesame?

I should use Open Sesame because I am a strategic investor in food security who needs to develop more new commercially aligned relationships with people who own and control important Australian food producing companies including key farmers seeking compatible strategic investors.

What four key goals can I achieve using Open Sesame?

Goal #1) Improve Privacy and Expand Online Reach during Agribusiness Networking
Goal #2) Meet People with Aligned Commercial Interest
Goal #3) Introduce People by Mutual Request
Goal #4) Refer Stories to Help Clients, Colleagues, Friends, Family or Associates by sending storyID links using Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat, WhatsApp and other messaging tools.

What is Open Sesame?

Open Sesame is a centralised online meeting place where agribusiness stakeholders can introduce themselves to one another using stories in ways designed to improve protection of their commercial interests and privacy.

How do I contact one of the business owners being introduced in a story on Open Sesame?

Ask the Relationship Manager of that story to help you.

Do Relationship Managers introduce clients free-of-charge or can they offer to charge fees in exchange for the service of an introduction?

That depends on the Relationship Manager. Different Relationship Managers have different terms for different stories or people. Some introductions are free and others may come with a fee. Terms for introductions are usually displayed by the Relationship Manager near the top of each story.

Why would I pay money for an introduction?

Paying for an introduction by a Relationship Manager may be the most efficient way for you to meet and get to know the person behind the posted story that aligns with your commercial interest.

How do I post a story about my business interest on Open Sesame?

Let us introduce you to one of our Relationship Managers or reach out and contact one of them directly for assistance.

How much does it cost for me to post a story about my business on Open Sesame?

Costs for you to post a story are determined by your Relationship Manager.

Do all Relationship Managers charge the same price and provide the same services?

No – Different Relationship Managers may charge different costs for different services. Services and prices are independently determined by each different Relationship Manager.

Can I work with more than one Relationship Manager to list different stories introducing me for different business reasons in different ways?


How do Relationship Managers work with Open Sesame?

Relationship Managers are 3rd party consultants using Open Sesame as a shared communication platform. Open Sesame treats Relationship Managers as clients.

Can I serve as my own Relationship Manager of my own story on Open Sesame?

Yes – Contact the owner / operator of Open Sesame for more information by email to: story@opensesame.asia

If I have a problem that one of the Relationship Managers can not help me with then who else may be able to help me?

Contact the owner / operator of the Open Sesame platform by email to: story@open sesame.asia

Who owns and operates Open Sesame?

Open Sesame is owned and operated by AVC & Co. More information is available here: www.avcaar.com

What does the owner / operator of Open Sesame do?

The owner / operator of Open Sesame provides you with three key services.


1) Verify the Identity of every Relationship Manager on Open Sesame.


2) Issue and lease story ID Numbers Only to Verified Relationship Managers at their Request in Exchange for a Pre-Agreed Fee.


3) Provide the Open Sesame communication tool where only verified story ID holders can post, exhibit and manage an agribusiness story about their own business or one on behalf of and to introduce their own client.



Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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