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My competitors have better market access in Australia through better investment relationships with farmers and food business owners.

How do I start?

Let’s introduce you to one of our Story Partners.
Click here to view them.

What is Open Sesame?

Open Sesame is an online tool we use to broker introductions a new way by trading private business stories in Chinese.

What five key goals can be easier for me to achieve using Farms and Finance?

Goal #1) Protect my privacy as much as practical during my business partner search process.
Goal #2) Meet potential partners more easily with goals more closely aligned with my own.
Goal #3) Reduce the amount of time I need to spend searching for potential business partners.
Goal #4) Qualify leads between clients while their identity remains private.
Goal #5) Help people who help me by introducing them or forwarding their stories listed on Open Sesame to potential partners by email, Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat, WhatsApp and other online messaging services.

How do I communicate with a potential partner about their story on Open Sesame?

Ask the Introducer of that story to help you.

How do I post a story on Open Sesame?

Let’s introduce you to one of our Story Partners.
Click here to view them.

How much does it cost for me to post a story about my business on Open Sesame?

Costs for you to post a story are determined by your Introducer.

Who do I pay to post my story on Open Sesame?

You pay your Introducer.

Do all Introducers offer the same services and charge the same fee prices?

Different Introducers may offer different services and charge different fee prices.
Services, fees and prices offered are independently determined by each different Introducer.

Are services, fees and prices negotiable with any of the Introducers?

This depends on the Introducer and your relationship with them.

Does Open Sesame permit me to work with more than one Introducer?


Why would I want to work with more than one Introducer?

One reason could be that working with only one Introducer may limit your ability to meet all the right people for you.
Another reason could be that listing different stories introducing you in different ways for different business reasons can be one way to improve your chances of finding the right business partner.

Can I serve as my own Introducer of my own story on Open Sesame?

To learn more, contact the owner / operator of Open Sesame by email to: story@opensesame.asia

Are Introducers employees of Open Sesame?

Introducers are clients of Open Sesame.
You can have your own profile on Open Sesame as an Introducer in the same way that you can have your own profile on any social media website like LinkedIn or Facebook.

Do Introducers introduce their clients free-of-charge only or can they also propose to charge fees in exchange for their services such as an introduction?

This depends on the Introducer and your relationship.
Different Introducers can offer different terms for different situations.
Some introductions may be free and other introductions may be offered only in exchange for a fee. Clients can also decide to trade introductions, referrals or other information.
Terms for introduction services can be displayed by the Introducer near the top of each story.
Best to ask the Introducer directly if you have any questions about the terms for an introduction to a business owner or investor featured in a particular story

Why would I pay a fee to an Introducer in exchange for them introducing me to their client?

The most efficient way for you to begin a relationship with their client featured in the posted story may be to pay a fee to that Introducer.

If I have a problem that one of the Introducers can not help me with then who else may be able to help me?

Contact the owner / operator of the Open Sesame platform by email to: story@opensesame.asia

Who owns and operates Open Sesame?

Open Sesame is owned and operated by AVC & Co. More information is available here: www.avcaar.com

What does the owner & operator of Open Sesame do?

The owner / operator of Open Sesame offers three key services.

Service #1 ) Verify the Identity of every Introducers on Open Sesame.
Service #2 ) Issue and lease story ID Numbers Only to Verified Introducers at their Request in Exchange for a Pre-Agreed Fee.
Service #3 ) Provide the Open Sesame website where only verified story ID holders can post, exhibit and manage an agribusiness story about their own business or one on behalf of their own client with the goal to make an introduction.

Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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