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Helping you at Open Sesame is our story. If you would like to contact us directly then send your request by clicking the Private Message button or by email to:  
Adam Gregory Goern

. I am a private investor in the Tasmanian food industry. . Our investment theme is the New Milk Road Investment Theme described here: . . Tsinghua University in Beijing is where I studied Mandarin Chinese. . Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan is where I first learned about the growing need to improve food security between Australia and Asia. . If you would like my assistance so it's easier for you to get to know one of my business associates described in my portfolio of story introductions then just drop an email to me here: .
Private Equity Fund in Australian Health Sector Seeks Tasmania Opportunity – storyID 5030

  I am able to introduce the co-founder of a new private equity fund with proven track record in helping Australian brand owners achieve profitable growth and explore Asian export opportunities.   He believes there are valuable growth opportunities in Asia for owners of Tasmanian food, health and wellness brands due to the biosecurity advantage of the location.   One of the best ways to unlock this value is for the new investment fund to invest in the business and partner with the existing management team to maximize the prospect of executing the growth strategy.   He recently made his first trip to Tasmania around Launceston and plans to visit again.   MORE ABOUT HIS EXPERIENCE & PLANS   During his 12 years of experience in private equity, he has been specifically focused on investments in the Australian agribusiness/food sector in the past 5 years and led the acquisition, restructuring and expansion for one of the largest integrated branded fruit companies in Australia.   In that role, he served on the board of directors of these private horticulture/food companies.   He recently set up a new private equity fund with two partners so that he could focus more on assisting Australian brand owners to export into Asia.   One of his new partners is based in Australia and is a key architect of one of Australia’s most recently successful baby milk brands in China.   HOW WE KNOW ONE ANOTHER   We have known one another about three years since first meeting through HKVCA - Hong Kong Private Equity & Venture Capital Association -   WHY MAKE THIS INTRODUCTION   Primary reasons to make this introduction are because it’s a useful way for me to:   1) Search, find and arrange new valuable opportunities for me to co-invest   2) Grow my own network of relationships and knowledge by building relationships between people who drive the food industry in Tasmania now and in the future.   4) Assist aligned partners in Tasmania   If you would like to start aligning an introduction then the easiest next step is to contact me, Adam Gregory Goern, by email to:   Read About Adam Gregory Goern by Clicking Here
Michael Badcock of Enchanted Isle Farm

  Because of my life history I am very familiar with farmers and business owners across most of Tasmania.   In 2016 I was awarded 2 ABC / Kondinin Australian Farmer of the Year Awards for Community Leadership and for Excellence in Diversification.   I have served on many Agricultural and Community Boards and Committees for many years with many involving as Chairman.   These include the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA), Tasmanian Onion Growers Association and Tasmanian Poppy Growers Executive.   In 2016, I stepped back from day-to-day farming.   This is when I began to lease my 350-acre farm to one of the successful local privately-owned vegetable farming and processing operations.   This enables me to spend more of my commercial time on what matters to me.   Helping our industry keep moving into a more profitable and sustainable future.   One way for me to do that is by introducing the right business people in my network for the right reasons.   If you would like to an introduction to one of the business people in my network then just contact me about that by email to:
Tasmania Vegetable Producers Seek Asia Market Access JV Partner - storyID4500

  My neighbors are three of the key independent vegetable brand producers in northwest Tasmania near Devonport.   Their successful operations produce excess inventory of at least 20,000 tons of carrots per year.   Our objective is to convert this excess inventory into a probiotic nutraceutical juice drink brand.   We are forming a consortium to build, own and operate a juicing facility near Devonport.   What we need to find is the ideal consortium partner who can guarantee Asia market access for sale of the branded product.   If you would like to learn more then you are welcome to contact me.   My email is:   More about me is here:
Koji Yasui of uTasmania

  Hi, my name is Koji Yasui.   I have moved to Devonport, Tasmania from Tokyo with my wife (who is Devonport local) in 2010.   I started up a tourism company called utasmania in 2012.   I am looking at working with other Japanese organisations who might be interested in working with Tasmanian people in Agri-Food sector.   To do that I would like to get to know people in Tasmania who are aligned with the business interest of me and my clients.   If you would like my assistance so it's easier for you to get to know one of the people described in my portfolio of story introductions then just email me here:
Hokkaido Farmers Seek New Crop Partners in Tasmania - storyID4700

  My client in this story is a group of young farmers from Hokkaido, Japan.   They plan to visit the North West of Tasmania again in November.   They recently visited to achieve their objective which is to grow Japanese vegetables, using the counter-seasonality and learn Tasmanian agriculture.   Over the last couple of years they grew Japanese squash pumpkins (Kabocha), and Japanese Kent over summer and came back in March to harvest them and sent them back to Japan.   They are planning on growing other vegetables coming years, looking at selling the produce locally.   If you would like an introduction then just contact me about that by email to:   If you would like to learn more about me then just click the link below:   Koji Yasui  
Greg Bott of Bott Consulting

Hello there.  My name is Greg Bott.   Launceston, Tasmania is where I live and work.   Rabobank, the world's largest lender in agriculture, is where I worked during an important part of my career as State Bank Manager.   My forty year career in banking has had me travel all across Tasmania. Now I know virtually every farmer in our state.   These days, I arrange equity partnerships that can help protect and add value to the debt lent by banks like the one I used for work for.   My private clients now are some of the best families in Tasmania who own and operate exceptional agricultural businesses.   My private clients are looking for the right kind of equity partners who want to work together to grow their business too.   If you would like to meet some of them or just learn more then the easiest way for us to start is online.   Just let me know by email to:
Vegetable Farm Owner Operator in Tasmania Seeks Equity Partner - storyID 4042

  My client is an excellent vegetable farmer in a very good growing area of Tasmania.   He is looking for the right equity partner as a way to expand his business.   Vegetable farming has always been his goal, even while he and his brother were growing up on their family’s wonderful dairy farm near Meander in Tasmania.   The family did an excellent job of generational transfer when their father decided to retire in the year 2000.   They acquired a vegetable farm and ran that together with the dairy farm under one business.   In 2005, the brothers decided to separate the dairy and vegetable businesses into their own different legal corporate entities.   His brother now owns and operates his family's original dairy farm and is also a well-known as an excellent farm operator.   My client achieved his goal to focus exclusively on vegetable farming.   The vegetable farm business of my client has a good location adjacent to the highway immediately north of Deloraine.   His good location is a competitive advantage for the sale of his vegetables to the major local distributors like Simplex and McCains.   His farm grows and sells about these amounts per year:   Carrots – 500 to 600 tonnes   Onions – 500-600 tonnes   Poppy Alkoloid   Sheep – 400 ewes are grown as a natural fit with our vegetable business.   The goal of my client now is to double the size of his farm from 300 acres to 600 acres.   One reason is that economies of scale should increase his profitability.   I also estimate that a larger farm will protect his business if the vegetable industry consolidates like it already has in dairy.   My client has already identified two different farms that could be purchased.   A$1 million or so is the estimated price that he may be able to buy one of these farms. Neither farm is currently listed for sale in the the market.   My client is searching for an equity partner who has a natural need to invest in vegetable farms in our area.   EBITDA, Total Asset Values and balance sheet financial figures are available on request for qualified parties.   If you want to learn more contact Greg Bott of Bott Consulting by email to:   Or Click Here to learn more about Greg Bott  
Milk Dairy Farm Sale Leaseback by Tasmania Owner / Operator - storyID 4002

  The goal of our client is to sell for A$10 million and lease back for 5 years the 1,100 acres of freehold land with one operational milk dairy farm owned by his business near Smithton, Tasmania.   Our client is an expert milk dairy farm operator who owns a business that controls a total of six milk dairy farms.   20 per cent of the milk output as compared to Australia’s largest milk dairy farm, VDL - Van Diemens Land Company, is now produced by all six of his farms under his management.   Our client wants to execute this transaction to reduce the amount of investment in land ownership his business carries now AND shift investment to expand the competitive advantage of his business in operational services as an " Expert Operator."   The rate payable on the lease would change and re-set annually with the price of milk shown in a simple matrix.   The matrix is available on request to the Relationship Manager.   If you want to learn more about this opportunity then contact the Relationship Manager by email to:   Or Click Here to Contact the Relationship Manager:  

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